You have blown the whole damn thing
Out of all proportion.
You have made a mountain out of something
Smaller than mole-
Hill. Oh hell, I wish you'd kept it all
Underneath your hat, my love.
You've digged yourself a pit
And now you've fallen in the hole.

I bet you wish you'd never
Said a word to me about it.
I bet you wish
You'd never said a word.
Tell you what we'll do, we'll just
Pretend it never happened - why not? -
Tell you what I'll do, I'll just
Pretend I never heard.

And in future bear in mind, please,
What I don't know cannot hurt us.
And if you've a secret,
You can keep it to yourself.
If I ask you where you've been,
Don't lie to me, just say that it is
Secret, and that's fine by me.
I've got secrets too, you see.
I've got secrets too,
And I will keep them to myself.