I am the chameleon ghost in your mirror -
And I am the idle boast in your cups.
I'm the miracle cure
And the illness it's for.
I'm the wings of a dove
And a whizz-bang from Krupps.

I am the invisible chink in your armour
And I am the only link with your past.
I'm the hurricane's eye
And the mariner's cry.
I'm the wind in the flag
That is flown at half mast.

I am the unspeakable thing you don't mention
And I am the song that you sing - I'm a whale!
I'm the piano's scream
In the elephant's dream
And the ivory key
To the ho-holy grail.

I am the immaculate shine in your darkness -
And I am the end of the line in your play.
I'm everything wild.
I'm the nursery child,
And the pain is his knees
As he goes down to pray.