There in the line at the Dracula movie,
Tragedy stands with no look on her face.
Midnight chimes. The line starts to move. She
Buys her way into the shadowy place.

There by the light of the flickering moonbeams,
Tragedy sits - and she's hurting inside.
Mr.Mainline arrives, not a moment too soon. He's
Suddenly there in the seat at her side,

Time-piece in hand, just like the White Rabbit,
Whispering, as he recurs in her dream:
"Baby, it's you that I love, not your habit."
Celluloid heroine's starting to scream.

Old Mainline hiss through hypodermic tooth:
"Sweet Tragedy, I know your needlin' need.
I am the light, the white, the way, the truth."
Upon the screen, the buxom vampires feed.