There you go, running, out in the night again,
Looking for romance and some kind of hero -
Some kind of cowboy who'll love you forever.
How come he ain't ever there come the dawn?
After the hard-on, he loves you and leaves you.
When will you see that these heroes ain't real?
Breaking your heart over breakfast for one -
Passions that last
For a shivering flash
Of throwaway blowaway time.

Now the society circles are darkening
Under your lovely optimist eyes,
There's no use pretending the love that you gave him
Was anything more than nothing at all.
Crumbs in your bedclothes - alone with your toastrack -
Watching the dawn that is once again breaking -
Just like the last time, the dawn goes on breaking
Your incomprehensible
Helplessly hopeful
Romantic magazine heart.

Each time someone new loves you and leaves you,
I say the same thing - you never listen.
You're looking for someone to love you forever,
Dreaming of daybreak and breakfast for two.
Come back to me, please, you never will find him,
Out chasing cowboys and breaking your heart.
And just let me be that some kind of hero,
Who loves you by daylight
Whatever the weather
From breakfast to breakfast,
Marmalade, Marmite and lard.