The airwaves are full of confusion.
This dead end is going one way.
We can't make no U-turn.
We're all going to get burned.
And there ain't no reason.
It's just the season
For death and despair and decay.


You're looking incredibly chipper.
You've really no reason to be.
You're surrounded on all sides
By bullshit and bad guys,
And Mr.Big Brother,
And Big Brother's mother,
And Big Brother's whole family

There's gallons of gloom and pollution.
There's havoc and doom all around.
Life ain't worth a groat.
Let's all cut our throat -
And come out in protest
By all being depressed
And letting the home team down.

And whatever people may tell you,
It's all just a big waste of time.
No, we ain't believers,
We're under-achievers,
And proud to be wasted,
For we all have tasted
The powders of meaningless rhyme.

There really ain't no point in nothing,
But nothing is all that we've got.
Besides being pointless,
We're busted and jointless -
And we know it ain't fair,
But we really don't care.
There's plenty of room at the bot.

And now that all communication
Is forfeit and fallen apart,
The world is a word
Where the L can't be heard -
And the ending that's forecast
Ain't whimper or  big blast,
But a silent failure of heart.

And we're all
Gonna fall
To the rock
To the rock
To the rock
To the rock