You're head is full of stuff that you don't want to know.
You're too frightened to say yes and too scared to say no.
And the starlight comes from stars that died lightyears ago.
Lost in some scary building
Once upon a time
Waiting for Mr.Midnight  to chime.

The bats in your belfry are out of control.
You don't have to ask for whom these bells will toll.
And Lucifer's limousine has come for your soul
Up on the thirteenth floor
Once upon a time
Waiting for Mr.Midnight to chime.

Riding the warped winds, witches go spawning,
Spellbinding everything, then without warning
Somebody whispers: "You'll never see morning."
Flying sorcery
Once upon a time
Waiting for Mr.Midnight to chime.

"I believe," you cry, "in the Lord up above."
"Get real," Old Nick replies, "Us two is hand in glove.
"Hey, I never fell till He gave me a shove "-
Oh no, this ain't no bad dream.
This ain't no fairy tale.
Mr.Midnight is out on bail.

And how can you remember what your fairy godma said,
When otherworldly voices violate your angel head?
If only you could wake up, now, safe, at home, in bed.
Everybody turn and peep.
There's blood within the shoe
Mr.Midnight is after you.

Don't blame the shoemaker for your nightmare news.
Earth, water, fire and air is all he ever use
To create your hell for leatherless shoes
Stepping into darkness
Once upon a time.
Mr.Midnight starts to chime.

Oh no! There ain't no exit from this cinema.
And you ain't no actress, baby. You just happen to have come this far.
And Midnight will find you wherever you are -
Hey there, Cinderella,
It's Mr.Midnight time.
Lucifer's limousine turns on a dime.