A man packs the city
Up in his suitcase.
He stumbles out
In the shivering dawn.

Sees himself fall
As he trips on his bootlace.
When he awakes,
The city is gone

And gone is the suitcase
With all it contained.
And gone is the lady
Who might have explained.

The man stands quite alone -
Way beyond the world he's known
And all the reasons why
He left the girl.

And he heads
For the frontier,
Where he sheds
Just the one tear,
Which customs describe
As a pearl -

Which they then confiscate
And stick on their gate,
Their old pearly gate.

In the new country
The man soon discovers
Making it up
As he goes along -

Chasing an echo
Once made by two lovers,
Lost in the lines
Of a popular song:

(and it goes something like this)

In a dreamworld
And everything in dreamworld is
You can take a nightmare
And turn it into gold.
For a loophole,
And finding it
In dreamworld